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Linen and Bedding Cleaning Service Sherman Oaks

Our linen service consists of spotting, washing, and iron pressing all household laundry. Bring in your bed sheets, bed skirts, pillow cases, couch covers, duvets, comforters, table linens, table runners and covers, napkins, drapes, and other miscellaneous household items for finely pressed cleaning, laundry, and folding. Household linens and bedding is such a wide category that it requires the experienced knowledge of different cleaning methods used for the various materials and qualities. We hand finish your household goods and ensure environmentally safe green cleaning processes all around. More to House Hold Linen Cleaning


Fluff and Fold Cloth Cleaners Sherman Oaks

Our full service wash and fold laundry caters to your daily needs. All your essentials from your favorite weekend t-shirt down to your undergarments are laundered, folded, and packaged. We guarantee all garments will be washed in accordance to similar colors with premium softeners, environmentally friendly detergents, and dryer sheets. Upon request, all garments can be hung. Enjoy our same day wash and fold service by leaving the laundry cleaning to your dependable neighborhood cleaners. Bring your laundry by 11 am and pick your order up by 6pm. More to Fluff and Fold

Dry Cleaners and Custom Laundry Service

People have one thing in common when it comes to clothes: We all want to look our absolute best. In order to meet your needs, our regular profession provides consistent and quality work to maintain your garments as clean as the first time they were purchased. As a green dry cleaners, we incorporate environmentally friendly machinery and chemicals when we carefully restore and perfect your pieces through the dry cleaning process. Continue to Dry Cleaners